Pastor James McConnell ready to go to jail for calling Islam ‘satanic’

Pastor James McConnell of Whitewell Tabernacle, Belfast was a ministry we followed back in our early days in 2005, we used to listen in our chat room the Wednesday and Sunday nights services where folk from around the world used to come in and listen with us.

 Pastor James McConnell got into trouble by preaching the truth last year about Islam calling it satanic. And is now under threat of prison, I am so proud of him standing for what he preached.

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  1. Karen

    From Karen…
    I feel that is it sad when Christians can not say freely that which they feel is to be said. It saddens me greatly that quoting from The Bible is now seen in almost every country as being hateful – how is it that it is a hate crime when all that is being done is told to us by The Bible.
    My Grand Father as did many others served in the second world war for us to have freedoms such as freedom of speech, which is now being stripped from us at an alarming rate.
    Thank you for sharing this story with us.
    Love to all

    • Peter J Gordon

      Thanks Karen, I got it working….Political correctness has been a big danger to our freedom of speech…

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