1. Paul

    Praying for her is a good thing, but she has violated her oath of office and the federal law. If her conscience bothers her she should resign. If she can’t perform and honor her public duty she should resign. Jesus said give unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. You can not serve two masters. This woman has been married four times and had children out of wedlock, she should be careful about being so self-righteous.

    • Peter J Gordon

      I believe Kim was in her role in her job before the state of Kentucky had to recognize same-sex marriages. She had every right not to resign and hold to her faith. Today she got released from prison and has been told not to interfere with her co-workers, but her quietness will be a bigger witness.

      Your verse from Mark 12:17 you quoted makes no sense to her position, I am sure she paid her taxes. But you should read Acts 5:27–29, what would you do Paul? If your country had to follow the Sharia law and you had to worship Mohammad because that was the law of the land. What would you do?

      I really don’t care if Kim was married 4 times and had children out of wedlock, you know she is born again, these sins are cleared by the blood of Jesus on the Cross and He took the punishment for them. I don’t think she is self-righteous, she took a stand for her faith and to show other Christians this is what we will have to do to in these times, where everything is anti-God.

    • Chuckt


      Large percentages of the country are 95% Christian so if you have a town and 95% have a faith whether it is Christian, Amish, Mennonite, etc., business close down on Sunday because there is no one to work. They live this way and they are happy. So if you have one atheist or someone else who wants accommodating, you’re saying that the town has to change or the majority of people have to bend to your beliefs.

      If this was World War II or a draft during war time, if I want to be a conscientious objector, you can’t make me fight but you can make me assist and do everything else in war time. Why is there an exception for war? In other words, during war time, you can’t make me kill another person if I am a conscientious objector so if people can object during war time then why can’t they object when they work?

      And the way I thought about it, gay people have the same rights as heterosexual people so why should they have extra rights to be able to marry someone of the same sex? I thought about it and if someone has extra rights, isn’t that like being white where you have a vote and where black people were counted 3/5ths of a vote? They are accounted extra rights? What if I want rights that effect you and make you bend to my beliefs?

      If you have inalienable rights then when does the government have the right to dictate to you your religious beliefs if there is a separation of Church and State? Second, she is an elected official so by putting her in jail, they are basically depriving the people of representation whom many may be Christians and whom they want her to dictate her beliefs since all laws are dictates by the will of the people except Federal law took away state rights in this case.

      If the writers of the marriage law in Kentucky meant for anyone to get married then why does it need an official’s approval and if the voters wanted everyone to be able to get married then why didn’t they vote for an atheist? If she gets re-elected, how would you feel about that?

      Kentucky is a home rule state where different towns get to make up their own rules.

      Section 156b of the Kentucky Constitution authorizes the General Assembly to grant broad home rule powers to cities, but does not require it. Fortunately, in 1980 the General Assembly did decide to grant home rule authority to cities through the adoption of KRS 82.082. This statute gives all classes of cities broad home rule powers. Prior to the enactment of the home rule statute, cities, which have no inherent right of self-government, depended almost exclusively upon specific acts of the General Assembly to authorize various functions.

      Now, under KRS 82.082, a city may exercise any power or perform any function that is:
      1) Within the boundaries of the city;
      2) In furtherance of a public purpose of the city; and
      3) Not in conflict with a constitutional provision or statute.

      For a full explanation of the home rule principal, please see Chapter 3 of the 2011 City Officials Legal Handbook. [End Quote]


      She lives in a town that has a little over 6,000 residents so why do they sue her in court to change one town instead of go to another town? How many times have you been inconvenienced and sued? Why spend thousands of dollars on one person? Why are people calling up her office, not getting her on the phone and then screaming? Why are people flying from San Francisco to Kentucky to get married in order to make a statement? It is because they don’t respect the way people want to live and they wish to change people who have a right to live with their unalienable rights and practice their religion as their ways. If you want a government job to be non-discriminatory, you can’t say, “Christians don’t apply.” I think she should start looking for avenues to start suing the government for religious discrimination because you aren’t allowed to use religious discrimination for whether one gets the job as clerk or not.

      People dictates their beliefs all the time. When I got a marriage license, city hall decided to tell me what I could or could not do in my marriage according to law.


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